New CDC Report Alarming

Posted: Aug 30 2014

toxins problematic for all americans

A recent alarming report published by the CDC (Center for Disease Control) was a bit shocking to us, and we want to share the news with readers of our blog. The following contains excerpts from an article by Craig Capetta, CEO of Whole Body Research.

The CDC runs regular studies that determine exactly how toxic Americans have become. They do this by testing fatty tissues and excretions from volunteers. At the end of the most recent study, they had some frightening news:


It's still being researched if these toxins are causing the rise in cancers and autoimmune disorders, but there's no denying that these toxins affect our bodies in some damaging ways. World-renowned Doctor Mark Hyman put it best when he said, “Overtime, the damage is similar to what happens when trash collectors go on strike and don’t pick up the garbage off the streets. The waste piles high, making the neighborhood smell bad and creating a breeding ground for illness.”

If you’re often ill or just feel outright sluggish, it may actually be from toxic build-up. In fact, these toxins may be the reason why you can’t lose weight (and keep it off). You may not know this, but one of the main reasons fat is produced is to protect your organs from toxic chemicals. When you’re exposed to toxins, your body starts producing new fat cells, filling them up with the toxins so they can’t damage your body. Losing weight releases those toxins back into the blood stream, putting those organs back into danger. So what does your body do in response to this rush of toxins being released into the bloodstream?

It stimulates new fat production. In order to fix the balance, your body filters those toxins out of your blood and back into your fat cells. You get stuck in a loop, until you eventually give up on losing weight altogether. This is just one of the many reasons that you should be doing a regular detox. In addition to helping you break the cycle and let you attain long-term weight loss, removing these toxins can also improve your hormonal balances. The benefits of a detox are nearly endless:


  • Increased energy
  • Improved mental & emotional clarity
  • A slowing of premature aging
  • Aids in preventing chronic disease
  • Enhanced immune function

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