The Benefits of a Brisk Walk

Posted: Jul 12 2016

the secret to losing that last 10 pounds

Customers and visitors who read our blog know that we are big proponents of adding some light exercise to your daily routine in order to maximize results. In addition to making healthy choices (as best you can) we know taking products from Xyngular or LIMU is a great way to reduce calorie consumption, bust belly bloat and increase energy levels. But many people (particularly those over 40) have difficulty losing that last 5-10 pounds.

For those of you in that situation, it can be frustrating. But did you know there is something simple you can add daily that can make all the difference in  the world? The difference between success and failure is often right in front of us!

Consider the benefits of a 10 minute daily, brisk walk. It will improve the performance of the products, reduce stress and help with restful sleep. If you are at a plateau with your weight loss, add this simple tip to your daily routine and break through and shed those last stubborn pounds to reach your goal!