New! Xyngular Next Steps Bundle!

Posted: Apr 13 2021

Order up until April 20, and get FREE Pink Lemonade TrimStix!

The answer to “what’s next?” once your 8-Day Jumpstart is over. The Next Step Bundle takes you from day 9 forward for another 30 days of measurable weight loss.* Built with the familiar products you already know and love PLUS our newcomer, Trimstix Pink Lemonade, for FREE! 

Many customers who experience the 8 Day Jumpstart are eager to continue with the weight loss results they achieved, and that's why we created the Next Steps bundle. Use delicious Lean Vanilla for meal replacement or as a snack, TrimStix and Resist chews for the ultimate cravings crusher and Xyng and Accelerate for metabolic boosting and clean, focused energy.

The Next Steps bundle is a tremendous value - made better when you order from Skinny Cafe! Withe free shipping on all orders over $50 and no sales tax, autoships or fees, get your Next Steps Bundle here and keep the fat burning party going strong!