Versatile Lean from Xyngular™

Posted: Aug 05 2014

protein packed deliciousness

It's tough: You're at work and the hunger pains are getting the best of you. You could hit the vending machines, or grab one of the leftover sugar-loaded cookies, donuts or cupcakes - and blow your diet for the day. These "empty calorie" foods can reek havoc on your blood sugar levels, and set the stage for impulsive eating for the remainder of the day. Blood sugar spikes also cause the unpleasant "crash" associated with most junk food.

Instead, try a delicious Lean Beautiful Blueberry smoothie! Its packed with 20+ grams of protein, antioxidants and fiber. Substitute for your lunch or when those late afternoon office munchies hit. Give your body quality, high-protein, low-fat & calorie nutrition. Who says eating right at work is difficult?

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