Introducing X Factor from Xyngular

Posted: Mar 24 2022

Top products. Top Results. That's the X Factor!
One pill, one scoop, one drink to keep you energized, help you kick cravings to the curb, and support your healthy skin from within. It's the feel-good secret you'll want to share with all your friends.

When we say top products, we mean it:

  • Xyng - What some call "sunshine in a bottle" boosts mood and energy
  • Trimstix - Kicks your sugar cravings to the curb and burns fat
  • Complete Collagen - Supports digestion and healthy skin from within

Hand-Picked With a Purpose
Three phenomenal products on their own make for a bundle you won't want to live without. This powerful lineup is the perfect addition to your daily ritual so you achieve maximum weight loss and wellness results and put your best foot forward each day.

Better Together
When you feel better, you look better! These three products work together to boost your mood, energize and hydrate you, and support healthy skin from within, giving you that "glow up" sensation. You'll feel it, and others will notice it! That's why these three products are just better together.

What to Take and When:
It's YOUR X Factor, make it work for YOU. That means no timelines, just take your products consistently at the same time each day for optimal weight loss and wellness results. One pill, one scoop, one drink, it's that easy.

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