New! Unflavored Xyngular Complete Collagen

Posted: Jul 18 2022

After the huge success of Xyngular's Pina Collada flavored Complete Collagen, we are now happy to announce our newest addition to the Complete Collagen family: New Unflavored Xyngular Complete Collagen!

The new unflavored formula can be mixed with anything without altering taste. Now you can add Xyngular's Complete Collagen to your coffee, smoothies, juice, milk, or any other medium without altering flavor. It's something our customers have been asking for, and we are excited to announce we now have it in stock. 

You can also choose the unflavored option in our Digestion Duo kit. Simply choose the Unflavored option when ordering. 

We are excited to announce this breakthrough formulation, and for a limited time when you order the 2-pack of Complete Collagen, you get an additional canister free! That's 3 canisters of Xyngular's Complete Collagen fro the price of two!

  • Order the 2-Pack of Pina Collada flavor and get one unflavored free!
  • Order the 2-Pack of Unflavored and get one Pina Collada free!
But you better not sleep on this one, this is a limited time offer so order today!