Five New Products / Combinations Just In Time for the Holiday Season

Posted: Oct 28 2021

We must admit, its been a challenge keeping up with the growth and demand as of late for our popular weight loss and wellness products. We've made some changes at the Cafe, and are ramping up for some very exciting promotions and announcements leading into the new year!

We've added five new products/combinations! One of the most requested and anticipated product launches is here with the introduction of Xyngular Complete Collagen. Healthy skin, hair, nails, joints and digestion all benefit from increased collagen in your diet.  Here's a look at the new items recently added:

  1. Xyngular X-Bundle
    Designed for customers to continue past the 8-day Jumpstart kit. The X-Bundle will keep you in fat burning mode! If you can lose up to 15 pounds on the 8-day Jumpstart, imagine the results when following up with the X-Bundle! 
  2. Xyngular Complete Collagen
    Finally, a collagen that does all of the things a collagen should do, and THEN SOME. This unique blend of multi-sourced collagen gets you multiple benefits, like improving your skin elasticity and building lean muscles to better support your digestion and weight loss.
  3. Digestion Duo
    This powerful duo pairs two products that work together to strengthen your gut lining, replenish healthy bacteria, and improve your digestion. And when you feel better, you live better!
  4. Beauty Bundle
    Age gracefully supporting healthy skin, thick hair and strong nails with the Beauty Bundle! A powerful combination of Xyngular Complete Collagen, Genesis and Shine. This bundle provides hydration, structure and increased skin elasticity, as well as hormone balance and aiding in healthy cellular function.
  5. Tone Up Trio
    Take the stairs without worrying about the aches and pains, and make recovery from workouts a breeze with the Tone Up Trio! This new trio of powerful products will improve your body's natural production of collagen aiding in muscle and ligament health, as well as additional lean protein and advanced joint health.

Check out all of the newly added products at Skinny Cafe today!