The 10 Saltiest Foods in America

Posted: Oct 08 2014

each of these are dangerously high in sodium

We're big fans of the intelligent consumer publication, "Eat this, not that." Its a very informative newsletter that brings alarming dietary facts to consumers, and offers sensible, tasty solutions. The staff at Skinny Café has used the information in our daily lives, and we're healthier - and happier because of it. I encourage everyone to sign up for their free newsletter. Here's a recent consumer alert:

Most of us have heard that it’s a good idea to “cut down on sodium,” but besides making sure the top to the salt shaker is screwed on properly, what does that really mean? Well, first, realize that salt is an essential mineral that our body can’t function without. Current dietary guidelines for Americans recommend that adults in general should consume no more than 2,300 milligrams (mg) of sodium per day (1500 if you have high blood pressure, are African American, or are over age 51.)

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